Presents its Train-The-Trainer™ Program…

So…you volunteered to be Umpire-In-Chief or Director of Umpire Training this year and struggled to put together a robust training program for your staff of youth umpires.  Or maybe like most leagues, some guys you know that umpire volunteered to help you host some ad-hoc umpire training for your league.  You did the best you could, but then the season started and you have been wondering ever since how you will make the training better next year because many of your umpires are not up-to-speed.  Enter our unique approach to umpire training – to the rescue!

Train-the-Trainer™ Manual

Our manual takes you from the start of operations – how to organize your clinics, the best possible number of clinics to help ensure success, and an outline that you can follow to provide quality training for your league..

Train-the-Trainer™ DVD

Our “Train-the-Trainer” DVD shows you how to set up and run rules and mechanics clinics for your umpires, as well as how to manage training drills using mechanics drill stations.

UmpView™ Diagrams

Our proprietary UmpView™ Mechanics Diagrams help to show you the mechanics for each umpire based on the size of your crew with the various situations that occur in baseball.

At, we put together a comprehensive training program to teach UICs and others with the responsibility to train youth umpires the methodology and approach to be successful.  Our program comes with a fully illustrated manual and a training DVD that shows you how to run rules and mechanics clinics in an organized fashion for the 2-man umpire system.  It includes a syllabus for your instructional clinics, as well as various field drills to teach your umpires everything from calling balls and strikes, recognizing balks, and calling interference and obstruction.

Our videos show you how to run the drill stations on the field and teach the rules clinics, provides you with the answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and gives you what we think is a winning formula to help build quality umpires from the very start.

During the season your umpires can leverage for training reinforcement throughout the year.  We recommend one to two hours per week for each umpire during the season to provide optimal results, and we can send you a report showing what each umpire in your organization studied and how much they trained for any given time-period.