Our Mission is Simple…Significantly Raise the Umpire Training Bar

 TheUmpSchool.com has taken comprehensive baseball umpire training where it has never been before – on the web. We created a curriculum that is comprehensive – we didn’t just post videos of random umpiring topics  – hoping you will get something out of it.  At TheUmpSchool.com, we have taken everything you would learn in a 5-week comprehensive program from start to finish and put it into an online format.  Our curriculum content allows you to learn ByRule™, ByMechanic™ and ByTopic™ and tracks your progress from start to finish. You can review any area of interest as many times as you like. Our instructional staff includes some of the best high school, college and minor league umpires around who leverage our unique, proprietary umpire training approach to provide you the best umpire training you can get.

The challenge for most umpires is that once you attend an umpire camp to learn new skills or reinforce existing mechanics, you rely strictly on your memory and any notes you took to recall the visual portion of the experience. During the season you have minimal options to continue your learning other than reading umpire manuals or watching a few disparate videos online.

TheUmpSchool.com has taken a unique approach to address this training gap by providing classroom and field sessions – along with our proprietary training approach – to build long-term memory faster for both rules and mechanics. Once you have these firmly planted in your head, you can spend your time executing instead of thinking about what you should be doing and then doing it.

We show you what interference, obstruction, balks and other baseball rule infractions actually look like – in both slow motion and regular speed – and then show you the proper umpire mechanics associated with that event.

Additionally, TheUmpSchool.com has dedicated an entire curriculum for training UICs – teaching you “how to teach umpiring” at your local league, and leveraging our unique online training method to reinforce and help increase your league’s umpire skills throughout the year.  Our goal is to get the right information to umpires when they are starting their careers so they have a reference that can be accessed whenever they want.  By the way, the mechanics and rule interpretations you learn are the ones taught by professional umpire trainers, collegiate umpiring staff, and high school umpiring instructors..

Many umpires pick up bad habits and incorrect interpretations from others that are uninformed.  There are some interpretations that get inter-mixed between high school rules and MLB rule interpretations (e.g the “ball is dead on a balk” is a HS Federation rule only).  See our page about Common Rule Misconceptions for more examples.  

Our goal is to be the #1 authoritative quality umpire training source for every amateur umpire out there.

Take a free test drive and we are sure you will see that having the ability to have umpire clinics at your fingertips and according to your schedule will provide a wealth of information at a very reasonable cost.